Vibes offers you two powerful tools to create your content – Page Builder and Shortcode Generator. Each has its own pros and cons, but what’s cool is that they work great together.

For example, you can create a template with Page Builder and use this template’s shortcode in combination with a regular shortcode from Shortcode Generator. And it works in both ways. You can use Shortcode Generator inside Page Builder template as well. Create really advanced layouts with combination of both tools, or stick with just one of them, it’s up to you!

Page Builder

Simple drag and drop editor for creating templates. Once the template is saved, you can insert it to your page as shortcode or use it in another template to create more advanced layouts.

Shortcode Generator

A modal window with list of all shortcodes which are included in this theme. You don’t have to memorize any code, just few clicks and you have a new element on your page.